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Belbog the White God by Viktor Korolkov pinterestcom
Dolya and Nedolya (happy and unhappy fate) • Victor Korolkov
Svarog by Viktor Korolkov
Viktor Korol'kov - Finist Yasnyy Sokol (Finist Bright Falcon)
Devana or Dziewanna is the Slavic equivalent of the Roman goddess Diana, whose name is said to appear very late in Slavic history.
Колыбельная (Lullaby) by Viktor Korol'kov
Brodnitsa by Viktor Korol'kov Fairytale Art, Folklore, Art Drawings, Drawing Art
Viktor Korolkov “Бесы” (transcription: “Besy”)Bes/bies/bjesi/bjesovi were evil spirits in Slavic mythology.
Viktor Korolkov “Великий Хорос” (“Great Khoros”) Hors - a Ruthenian
Viktor Korolkov “Перуница” (“Perunitsa”)Perunitsa (also Perperuna or Peperuna) - a female deity of the Balkan Slavs. Probably partner of Perun.
Viktor Korolkov “Семаргл” Semargl or Simargl is a deity or mythical creature in East Slavic mythology. An idol of Semargl was present in the pantheon of ...
"Pogvisd" by Victor Korolkov God of wind.
Viktor Korol'kov - Tsaritsa Nochi
Jarilo - Jarilo was a son of the supreme Slavic god of thunder, Perun, his lost, missing, tenth son, born on the last night of February, the festival of ...
Kupalo - the slavic God of summer, peace, water, magic, and herbs --- by ~Righon on deviantART
Wizards, Shaman, and the like Mythical Creatures, Mythological Creatures, White God,
Slavic God Chors. May be, but not sure. Looks like werewolf or Ulfheadnar, but i still love this picture.
Fantasía rusa
Debunking Common Myths About Solar Energy Belobog - Belobog, which, translated into English,
Dazh'bog by Viktor Korol'kov Gods And Goddesses, Tarot, Mythical Creatures
Dažbog (Bosnian, Croatian: Dabog, Daždbog ; Serbian Latin: Dajbog or in cyrillic Дајбог (or Дажбог); Polish: Dadźbóg, Russian: Даж(д)ьбог), ...
Sorceress, Enchantress, and such Mythological Creatures, Mythical Creatures, Gods And Goddesses,
Художник Борис Ольшанский. Slavic mythology Folklore, Russian Art, Russian Folk, Wicca,
Nicolai Kochergin Fairytale Fantasies, Fairytale Art, Story Tale, Ivan Bilibin, Les Mythes
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Russian Art, Russian Folk, Fairy Tales, Vilas, Fogo, Folklore, Mythology, Mystic, Knights
Жар-птица (Zhar-Ptitsa "Firebird") by Viktor Korol'kov
Highest god in Slavic pantheon. God of thunder and lightning.
exploring Slavic world
Radogost is the god – protector of travellers, traders, foreigners; patron of hospitality
Dazbog, The first part of the name is “daj” – a form of the verb to give, while the second part “bog” means god. The Giving God, was a god of the ...
Svetovid is the Slavic god of war, fertility and abundance. He is four-
Probuzhdenie Leshego by Viktor Korol'kov (which I think means something like "awakening
Svarog (Slavic blacksmith god) -Andrei Klimenko
Illustration by Viktor Korolkov
Belobog, which, translated into English, means White god, was said to fight
In Slavic folklore, the Firebird is a magical glowing bird from a faraway land,
Viktor Korolkov
Mythology Books, Russian Mythology, Norse Mythology, Celtic Goddess, Folklore, Deities
Slavic mythology character - Siryn the bird, singing its song of sadness.
Perun Mythology Books, Russian Mythology, Norse Mythology, Deities, Folklore, Eslava,
Victor Korolkov
Svarog - Russian god-blacksmith, the heavenly fire, father of Dazhdbog. By Viktor Korol'kov.
Perun is the son of Svarog and Lada whose birth was heralded with a might earthquake. Perun is also the most famous of the Svarozhich brothers who rule the ...
колокольный ман
Tsar Bear by Viktor Korolkov
Folklore, Blond, Childrens Books, Mythology, Children's Book Illustration, Book Illustrations
Мифы и легенды древних славян, художница Н. Буканова Gods And Goddesses, Russian Art
white God
Old tales: Slavic Goddess Mokosh maiden ukraine death winter white
In Slavic mythology Rod is the first god progenitor of deities, creator of the Universe and its manager. He is the supreme universal principle, ...
Cattle god. Volos. Slavic gods. Slavic mythology
She is the daughter of Veles, God
Drevobog by Viktor Korol'kov
#Chernobog, #slavic_gods, #mythology "Belobog and Chernobog" http:/ · White GodArt ...
Slavic mythology by Igor Ozhiganov. God Yarilo. Jarilo, alternatively Yarilo, Iarilo, or Gerovit, was a Slavic god of vegetation, fertility and springtime.
Svarog, a Smith God for Thor's Day - This Is NOT A White Nationalist Blog
Mokosh is a protector of women and goddess associated with the sacred feminine in Slavic pantheon. She is a goddess of water, home, earth, ...
Veles is one of major Slavic god associated with cattle, commerce, underworld and magic. Opponent of thunder-god Perun he is also the God of Druids, ...
In Slavic mythology Perun (Перун) is the highest god of the panheon and the
Russian Arts and Crafts : Russian painter Korol'kov Victor
Константин Васильев. Плач Ярославны. Russia ancient but not forgotten as light fairy tale.
A Berehynia or Bereginia is a female spirit in Slavic mythology, which notably came to be regarded as a "Slavic goddess" with a function of "hearth mother, ...
Велес / Veles Russian Mythology, God Tattoos, Pagan Gods, Fairytale Art, Sacre
Leshii. Nadezhda Antipova. from Elena Grushko and Iurii Medvedev. Slovar' slavianskoi mifologii
Dazbog- Slavic myth: a solar deity and most likely a cultural hero.
Perun, God thunder and Justice Pagan Gods, Tarot, Russian Mythology, Mythology Books
LADA - Slavic mythology by Igor Ozhiganov. Goddess Lada. Lada is the name of a Slavic deity of harmony, merriment, youth, love and beauty.
Rodzima Wiara - oficjalna strona - Kategoria: Viktor Korolkov - Rodzima Wiara - oficjalna strona
Simargl- Slavic myth: a god with the body of a wolf that has wings.
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Perun [Slavic God]
художник корольков картины: 26 тис. зображень знайдено в Яндекс.Зображеннях
Day of Slavic god Perun!
Несмотря на кажущуюся дифференцированность языческого мироописания, на деле оказывается, что такое множество даже ближе
a god who gives light and warmth of the sun and moving celestial bodies, marking the day and night, seasons, years and centuries. Dazhbog - protector of the ...
PERUN AND HORS ... Slavic Tattoo, Baba Yaga, Esoterica, Gods And
Русь языческая в картинах Виктора Королькова Корольков Виктор Анатольевич (1958-2004) — русский
Jarilo was the god of war and protector of the weak and helpless. In Slavic
West Slavs in Archaeology
Gamayun, one of three prophetic birds of Russian folklore, as painted by Viktor Vasnetsov
Dziwożona (or Mamuna) was said to live in thickets near rivers, streams and
Шишкин Андрей Алексеевич Russian Art, Russian Culture, Russian Painting, Russian Folk, Sculpture
Перун / Perun
Dažbog is one of the major gods of Slavic mythology and there is evidence that he
Gods Belobog and Chernobog went out of the parental home and followed their own separated ways by Julia Nikitina
kalendar-veles-1.jpg (421×600) | Weles | Pinterest | Russian mythology, Mythology and Folklore
Rodzima Wiara - oficjalna strona - Kategoria: Viktor Korolkov - Rodzima Wiara - oficjalna strona